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Friday, April 06, 2007

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Shinde Baba!!

Bhaskar and Manish :-)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This man ain't black. Its the dead sea mud that makes him look like that. It is the Seoni Superstar - Peeyoosh Hedau

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Nilanjan Nath
I am sorry to inform you that Dr. M.C.Sharma , Prof. Emeritus ,Mech.Engg.Dept.,M.A.N.I.T. (formerly M.A.C.T.), Bhopal expired on 4th july at 8.30 pm in Goa. He had a minor heart attack. He has left behind his wife and a daughter. You can call them on their home address:
Dr. M.C. Sharma
E-4/281, Arera Colony,
Bhopal - 462016 (INDIA)
Ph.No.Res.:- 0755-2460055

Akshat Shahjade

Friday, June 17, 2005

My Journal : Prabhakar Pandey

Prabhakar Pandey

Dear A.D,
Our four years of stay in hostel and in MACT is coming to an end. This duration seems very short; it looks as if we entered this college a week earlier. There are a lot of sweet moments in this college that I shared with you. I remember our trip to Kerwa Dam. It was so fine. I was hesitating to take a dip in the waterfall and you were forcing me to do so.

aka Janki Jasoos

Our trip to Sanchi was very good. I also remember the start of VIIth semester when we used to prepare the word list from Barron’s GRE guide. The moments we enjoyed at dhaba and our hostel’s terrace were very sweet.

A lover of shayari and songs from Gulzar & Jagjit Singh

The thing I like most in you is your art. You are a wonderful artist. I have seen several sketches you made, of verma and of sardar and many others. The birthday cards you made were very artistic. You are a sort of person who enjoys all dimensions of life.
Now at the parting time, I would like to say “sorry” for any act of mine that hurt you. Enjoy life! And I hope that all your future dreams come true…

Dated – 23 March 1999
Address – Witheld
D.O.B – 18 June

AD adds - I still remember the super Mithunda hairstyle you had in the childhood pics you showed us...and the numerous trips with the bucket to you know where... ;-)

Monday, May 16, 2005

My Journal : Nikhil Shembekar

Nikhil Shembekar (aka Niks aka Maha Lota)

Wing B's Most Wanted

Our relationship will always be one that I’ll cherish throughout my life.
In the first year we were in the same wing & I remember you as someone very “stylish” & very friendly. We were not very good friends then, you were friends with Venky & thus I came to know you very well. (Who can forget the wonderful female you had as your G.F!) I was really J of you at that time!!

My Quiz Partner

In second year I really came to be very nice friends with you. We also became quiz partners at that time. (Remember second prize at MAFFICK). You also came to our meet & it was nice that you helped us out in trouble at that time. (Remember the punctures!) AD –How can I forget that meet. ;-))
I guess in that year you came to my place.

Nikhil - After winning the Antakshri

Third year was wonderful, we won the second place in the inter-collegiate, (what a wonderful comeback that was) & then of course “Saarang” will always remain etched forever in our memories. That trip was really fabulous & I enjoyed every moment of it. (Golden Beach & the “Dropped Camera”, Antakshari, G.T. Express).
Organising MAFFICK ’98 was a terrific experience. I think our quiz will go down as one of the most fabulous events ever in MACT. I really enjoyed every moment of it with you.

The Gandhi Look

In the final year, I think we drifted a little apart. At that time each one of us was tense & worried so I think whatever happened at that time we should forget.
I had some of the nicest times with you. What else can I say? Remember the bigger things are always left unsaid!!

Modelling on Kaliasote Dam

Enjoy yourself in the future. Keep dancing & don’t get too emotional!
All the best for the future.
Keep in touch.


Address – Witheld
D.O.B – 23 November

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